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The 5th Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs and WISPs

will be held at the University of Durham on 13-17 July 2009.

Draft Agenda of the 5th Patras-Axion-WIMP-WISP Workshop:

Monday 13/07/2009





The physics case for Axions, WIMPs and WISPs


Bottom-up motivation

M. Ahlers

Axions, WIMPs and WISPs: Top-down motivation

J. Conlon

Dark Matter


The case for Dark Matter

L. Covi

Dark matter disk in the Milky Way

J. Read

Overview of Dark matter candidates

L. Roszkowski

Dark Matter


Structure Formation

A. Jenkins

Direct searches for Dark Matter



H. Kraus

CDMS-II to SuperCDMS: WIMP search at a zeptobarn

T. Bruch

The XENON100 detector for dark matter searches

A. Kish

Results from the first science run of the ZEPLIN-III dark matter experiment

H. Araujo

DM-TPC: Directional dark matter detection

A. Kaboth

The DRIFT II directional WIMP detector

N. Spooner

Dark Matter @ LHC

H. Baer

Tuesday 14/07/2009



Indirect searches for WIMPs


Indirect dark matter detection in the PAMELA, ATIC and FERMI era

A. Morselli

HESS Experiment

U. Schwanke

Annihilation + Decay - BSM explanations

J. Lavalle

Dark Matter Decay and Cosmic Rays

C. Weniger

Photon regeneration and laser polarization experiments


The CAST experiment: status and perspectives

E. Ferrer-Ribas

Search for Solar ALPs in the Low Energy Range at CAST

M. Karuza

Search for monoenergetic
solar axions with CAST

K. Jakovcic

Photon regeneration and laser polarization experiments (continued)


Search for solar axions with mass over 1eV using coherent conversions of axions into photons (Tokyo axion helioscope)

R. Ohta

GammeV: Results and future plans at Fermilab

W. Wester, A. Chou

LIPSS at Jefferson Lab: Update

K. Baker

Status of the ALPS experiment

A. Lindner

Resonantly-Enhanced Photon Regeneration

D. Tanner

Search for hidden sector photons in a microwave cavity experiment

M. Tobar

SCRF Cavity at Daresbury

P. Williams

Yale Cavity

P. Slocum

Direct Axion signals


Searches for Higgs/axion-like particles in Y(ns) decays at BaBar

A. Gaz

Wednesday 15/07/2009



Photon regeneration and laser polarization experiments II



A. Siemko

Status of the BMV experiment

C. Rizzo

The status and prospects of the Q&A experiment with some applications

H.-H. Mei

Inteferometry of light propagation in pulsed fields

B. Doebrich

ADMX's Continuing Search for Dark Matter Axions


WISPs Theoretical developments


Minicharges and Magnetic Monopoles

F. Bruemmer

Light U(1)'s from string theory

M. Goodsell

Thursday 16/07/2009



Tentative signals for WISPs


Searching for Axion-like-particles with Active Galactic Nuclei

C. Burrage

Chameleons in the Laboratory

P. Brax

Hidden CMB

J. Redondo

Axion like particles and cosmic rays

M. Fairbairn

Photon regeneration and laser polarization experiments III


Polarization measurements and their perspectives at the Low Energy Frontier

G. Cantatore

Direct searches for Dark Matter


The ArDM, a ton-scale liquid argon experiment for direct Dark Matter detection

P. Otyugova

Particle dark matter in the galactic halo: results from DAMA/LIBRA

P. Belli

Dark Matter Search with Germanium Detector at O (100eV) threshold TEXONO

S.-T. Lin

The status of the KIMS experiment

SC. Kim

Indirect-astrophysical searches for Axions & ALPS


Axion-like particles and polarization of quasars

A. Payez

Searching Solar X-ray Observations for Axions

I. Hannah

Solar X-rays from axions: rest mass dependent signatures

K. Zioutas

New Ideas


Performances of superconducting magnets

E. Todesco

Photon production from the scattering of Axions out of a solenoidal magnetic field

I. Shilon

Photon-axion conversionin a gradient field

J. Redondo

Fifth forces and Fundamental Symmetries


Tests of Lorentz Symmetry

R. Lehnert

Tests of gravity in the solar system

H. Dittus

Constraints on
Pseudoscalar-Photon Interaction from CMB Polarization Observations

W.-T. Ni

Friday 17/07/2009



Summary and Visions for the future


Axions and WISPs in laboratory experiments

A. Lindner

Axions and WISPs astrophysical tests

S. Hannestad


L. Baudis



2nd strategy meeting



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